Be Positive!!

Posted in Life by  •  August 16, 2010

   Lately, I am constantly encouraging people to remain positive.  In my studies, I have learned the power of staying positive. I am reading a...

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There is Magic at Disney…

Posted in Life by  •  October 29, 2009

 I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World.  While on the flight down, I was listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack. My thoughts wondered back...

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A Sign of the Times….

Posted in Business by  •  October 9, 2009

   As a business owner, I see things from a different perspective from others.       Today I observed a business that had a simple statement...

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Why would you offend a customer…..

Posted in Business by  •  September 29, 2009

  I got a call yesterday from a potential new customer. They had been taking lessons from a competitor. The teacher told the student that he must...

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Think revenue in not out.

Posted in Life by  •  September 28, 2009

   I had lunch today with an associate, while I was waiting on him to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the waitress.  She was telling me...

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Business Karma

Posted in Business by  •  September 27, 2009

Ah…I spent most of the day driving back from Kentucky.  During the drive, I pondered on some actions, I have took with the studio. I came to the...

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