• My Music Teachers

    1986 was the year, I got serious about music. At 14 a void was left from my beloved martial arts school shutting down. I knew three guitar...

    December 26, 2015  • 

    Posted in Music

  • An incredible gift.

    Voodoo Slim      On 02/28/2015, I performed with my band Voodoo Slim at The Oyster Pub in Dalton, GA. Just after our sound check, I was...

    March 5, 2015  • 

    Posted in Music

  • Jon appears on Good Morning Chattanooga

    On Saturday Jan 31st, Jon appeared on Good Morning Chattanooga. GMC is doing a segment called, Try something new. My topic guitar...

    February 5, 2015  • 

    Posted in Music

  • UCTV

    Years ago, I was the head of production at UCTV. UCTV is a cable access channel in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. I left that position abruptly...

    July 30, 2014  • 

    Posted in Business

How marketing has changed……

 •  May 14

  In my time as a business owner, I have seen how much marketing has changed. When I started the the best places to market were. Yellow...

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Be Positive!!

 •  August 16

   Lately, I am constantly encouraging people to remain positive.  In my studies, I have learned the power of staying positive. I am reading a...

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There is Magic at Disney…

 •  October 29

 I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World.  While on the flight down, I was listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack. My thoughts wondered back...

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A Sign of the Times….

 •  October 9

   As a business owner, I see things from a different perspective from others.       Today I observed a business that had a simple statement...

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Why would you offend a customer…..

 •  September 29

  I got a call yesterday from a potential new customer. They had been taking lessons from a competitor. The teacher told the student that he must...

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