IMG_3145.JPG (2)Jon Colston is a business owner, musician and a slightly interesting person. Or so he thinks.




Jon start playing guitar at age 6 when his mother taught him first 3 chords. At age 14, Jon began studying the guitar and music.  When 1987 came Jon started playing with his first garage band.  Professional gigs came along in 1990, with Jon playing bass in a country band. Years to follow saw Jon perfroming in clubs throughout south playing various styles of music.


Jon appears on Michelle Young’s Marked for Madness album. Jon also has an album credit on the Dixie Dregs’ California Screamin album (although this is for investing in the album). In 2004,  Jon peformed in Toronto Canada with Real World.



Onstage with Leah Seawright

In the summer of 2011, Jon played guitar for Leah Seawright along with Mark Herndon former Alabama drummer.





Voodoo Slim 16

Jon is currently the lead guitarist for the band Voodoo Slim. Check them out here. VoodooSlim.com





In 1988, Jon taught his first guitar lesson. Now over 1000 students have taken from Jon. He still teaches but only a limited number of students. Jon started Music Instruction Studio in 2004 with a long time friend. In 2005 Jon because the sole owner of MIS. Today MIS has two locations in the Chattanooga area and employees over 20 people.


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