There is Magic at Disney…

October 29, 2009 at 11:47 pm  •  Posted in Life by

 I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World.  While on the flight down, I was listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack. My thoughts wondered back to my last two trips to Disney. Once when I was around 5 or 6. The only thing I remember was the tops of my ears getting sunburned, riding the 20,000 leagues ride and dropping my father’s camera thus destroying it. I had a bad experience. The second was when I was spring breaking it, I went down with a girlfriend with whom I fought with on the way down to Florida. We got to the park sometime in the afternoon, I think we rode maybe 2 or 3 rides. Then the park closed early because an episode of family matters was being shot. Had a terrible time. So to say the least, I was worried.

  So I am reliving the memories and occasionally looking over to my young son. I thought to myself, “Please let this be a good experience for my family, especially for my son.” Once we landed in Florida, over the plane’s intercom The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme  (TMBG version) is played. “So it begins” I thought. 

    I must  say that Disney World is all about customer service. When asked if we were celebrating, I said yes. My sons birthday, my anniversary, and my nephew’s engagement. The gentleman handed me 5 buttons.  A birthday button for my son, 2 anniversary buttons, and 2 engaged buttons. He asked us to wear them while in the parks. Over the course, of our stay at the resort and at the parks. The staff would congratulate us and would point out my son’s birthday. Plus he got a wake up call from Goofy. We had a great time at all of the parks.  I had lunch at Epcot and watched Spyro Gyra perform at the America Stage. Watching my son’s excitement at the Animal Kingdom parade when he saw Mickey and getting some quality time with my family and my wife’s family.

    Yeah of course some things were expensive, but you go for the experience. I finally let go of my negative feelings on the second night. I was so parched. We got back to the resort and got the little one settled. I went to the vending machine. The price $2.75 for a 20 ounce soda. I relucently inserted the money, while thinking here is bad starting to creep in… I pressed the button for a Root Beer…Thonk.. I bent down and grabed the soda. As I grabbed it I heard…..Thonk again… and another Root Beer fell. I am smile came across my face. I guess there really is Magic at Disney.

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