Why would you offend a customer…..

September 29, 2009 at 1:39 pm  •  Posted in Business by

  I got a call yesterday from a potential new customer. They had been taking lessons from a competitor. The teacher told the student that he must cut his hair or the teacher would not teach him anymore. Wow! Talk about destorying your growth… Now I do understand at times you must let students go, but to offend… I have a general rule of thumb. For every customer that leaves happy, that 2 – 3 who know about it. For every customer that leaves upset, that is 20-30 who will know.

  I saw an example of this not to long ago. I was at a doctors office in the waiting room. I would say that there was 10-15 people sitting there waiting.  The doctor who is a personal friend of mine walked out and saw me. He said , “Jon, what’s up?”. “Not much.” I responded. “Hey do you know that guy over at Blank Music Store?”, he asked. “Yeah, I know of him.”, I said. ” That guy was a complete #$*&@ to me and my family!”, he said.   He said loud enough for the entire lobby to hear. Just image what kind damage that did to that store’s business.


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