A Sign of the Times….

October 9, 2009 at 12:37 am  •  Posted in Business by

   As a business owner, I see things from a different perspective from others. 

     Today I observed a business that had a simple statement on their sign. “Store Closing”, it read. To most it really means….”Great time to shop here, they will be liquidating their inventory”. To me, it was “Buyer Beware!”  I went in to this store, looked around made small talk to the manager. He told me their building was too big.  He also said, they are moving across the state line and going to build a store about 1/4 the size.  “So the store is closing  but not the business?” I asked. “Right.” the manager answered.  “But we are making deals to move this stuff “, he finished with. So I looked around to see if I could find a deal. I did!  But there was no price on it. So I checked the price on my phone. The Google hits returned with $750.00 as a retail price.  I put my phone away and asked the manager, what is the price on that product. “Oh ok….Let me see… I can let it go for $750.00” he answered. This is retail. I said thanks and continued to look around.

 The interesting thing is, I knew when he said that the business wasn’t closing only that store. There were no deals to be found. I often wonder many times in the past, I fell for that tactic. So today, that internet plan for my phone has paid off yet again. 

  I did buy something though. There was a book in there that was out of print. After I am done with it, I could easily eBay it and make about 20% more than I paid for it.


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