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Voodoo Slim

     On 02/28/2015, I performed with my band Voodoo Slim at The Oyster Pub in Dalton, GA. Just after our sound check, I was approached by a man who wanted to talk. His name is Tony Logan and told me of the terrible week he was having. You see, Tony had just buried his brother John earlier in the week. I could see the pain in his eyes. He asked if we could play a song and dedicate it to his brother. I immediately answered, Yes!

    During our first set, Kenny mentioned, Tony and his brother and dedicated the song Far Behind by Candlebox. I noticed that anytime we played southern rock songs, Tony lit up. During our first break, Tony told me about hanging out in Piedmont Park in Atlanta back in the day. Which if your not familiar with Piedmont Park google it. You find pictures of the Allman Brothers playing there.

Voodoo Slim with Kellie the bartender at performing Simple Man.

Voodoo Slim with Kellie the bartender after performing Simple Man.

  In the next set, Kellie a bartender at the came up and we performed an impromptu version of Simple Man. I happened to look over at Tony and saw that this song hit home on a deep personal level. Also you could tell Tony is well liked among the staff of The Oyster Pub. After that song Tony came up and stood close to band and was having a great time.

   During our last break of the night, Tony showed me the art on the walls of the Oyster Pub. He said, “This is my work.” The pictures are amazing, he had captured The Beatles, Greg Allman, Janice Joplin, Leon Russell and more. He said, ” I want you to have one.” Taken back, I said that playing for him was enough. But before the conversation could go further, I got called back to perform again.

    In the last set of the night, I see Tony walk up with the picture of Leon Russell he did. He said, “This is for you.” I thanked him and continued to play. I didn’t see him leave, but he was gone by the time we were done. I will say this, in all the years of playing in and out of bands, usually when someone gives me something for playing. It is usually something, I could not show my son. But to get a piece of art, that was once a blank canvas, I will cherish it and have a memory of that night that will last a lifetime.

  Thank you Tony Logan, I didn’t know your brother but I believe you honored that night and I am proud that I could have been a part of it. Here is the complete picture. If you want more info on Tony, here is his Facebook page.

Leon Russell by Tony Logan

Leon Russell by Tony Logan

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