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Years ago, I was the head of production at UCTV. UCTV is a cable access channel in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. I left that position abruptly in 2002 after the death of my mother. Go forward 11 years almost to the day, I get a phone call.  Judy O’Neal owner of the station was in a desperate situation. Her production manager bolted to a new job, and left her hanging. She had an election, high school football, Christmas and a ton of production.

At first, I was resistant to help but, she was a friend in need. So I put my martial arts study on hold, took time away from my company and family to help out. I agreed to work one day a week, until they could get a permanent replacement for the position. The initial idea was to redesign the look of the station from top to bottom. But with the work piling up and me only there one day a week, I had to put that on the back burner.  So commercials and a new show that required lots production took up most of my time. We got through football, a political whistleblower interview, followed by an election, then a run-off election, 13 episodes of the new show “Talk of the Town with Rachel Oesch Willeford”, plus multiple upgrades and a new computer.

So after 8 months in the roll of Production Executive, the day came. Judy called me and told she had found the replacement. I was so happy and excited for her.  I went to the station and met Louis Lee. I must say Louis is a much better production person than I will ever be. I gladly gave him my keys and walked away.

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